I promised myself that I'd go snowshoeing this year. I really enjoyed trying it last year and wanted to go on a "real" snowshoeing trek. My friend John belongs to a hiking meet up group and invited me to go along on their snowshoeing trek a week ago. Their destination was Yosemite National Park's Mariposa Grove, a group of redwoods near the entrance in the Oakhurst/Coarsegold area. I knew the trek would be more strenuous than I could probably handle, but I felt like it was my last opportunity to fulfill my goal this winter, so I decided to go with John, Doug, and the group.

I was really glad I did. For one thing, I got to see scenery like this:

I also got to hang out with the always fun Doug and John.

Most importantly, I pushed my body to its limits and managed to snowshoe for 8 miles, half uphill and the last half, gloriously, downhill.

I was exhausted at the end . . . and yet the next day my body felt mostly fine. We can handle more than we think we can. We can do more than we anticipate. We are rewarded when we try new things and push through our fears and/or limitations.

Lesson learned.