My friend Bo bought her first home last fall and has been busily nesting ever since. She loves her new home . . . and for good reason. It's beautiful--with a big backyard, shady patio, and really beautiful interiors. I'm especially envious of two rooms: the laundry room (my washer/dryer is in my spidery, dusty garage) and the kitchen (which is a perfect size with gorgeous appliances).

Last weekend our mutual friend Sam was in town. Since Sam wanted to see Bo's new home, we invited ourselves over for dinner. Unbeknownst to us, it was Bo's first dinner party in her new home--and what a great meal it was!

Bo is an amazing cook, as I've already blogged about here; she is creative and seems to always be making something new. She's started a new habit of going to the Farmer's Market each week to buy the freshest, in-season produce.

Saturday, she started us off with two appetizers: chips and guacamole and brie and crackers. Sam and I happily ate while Bo prepared the rest of the meal. The first dish that Bo finished was a mix of green peppers, carrots, and potatoes. Next, Bo poached trout in her wok with ingredients that included soy sauce and ginger. Lastly, she made kale and garlic.

As always, all three of these dishes were delicious: flavorful, healthy, and delicately made. I'm not sure how she always manages to create such interesting meals. I'm just glad that I occasionally get to benefit from her mad cooking skills.