When I first started reading blogs, I became fascinated with food blogs in particular. I loved the beautiful pictures of food, the good recipes, and the ways that writers communicated their passion for food. I started a food blog, first called Savory Morsels, then moved my food blog to blogspot as cake walk. I’ve recently imported all my food blog entries into this website. You can access restaurant reviews and recipes by clicking on those words under the “Categories” section in the right hand column towards the bottom.

In my food blog entries, I try to tell stories about food as a shared and connective experience. I feature stories about eating with my friends and family since those are the most satisfying meals for me. Occasionally, I might include a recipe, but more commonly I write about restaurant outings or parties that feature good food. Fresno, San Francisco, Arizona, New York, Chicago, Norway, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon, Copenhagen–I’ve blogged about restaurants in all those places.

In addition, these blog entries allow me to reminisce about how my palette developed and/or the associations I have with certain dishes. Food is such an embedded part of our consciousness, something that brings forward memory and creates complex experiences.