18 days into the year and i haven't blogged yet. lots of reasons why which i won't get into here. but here's my record of 2011 in words:

  • book review on a text I'm using this semester in my methods class
  • online encyclopedia essay about wendy rose
  • essay about wendy rose that i am oh so far from being finished with
  • profile of a cow and its caretaker which will be part of a book called cows of america
  • emails, grant proposals, syllabi, all kinds of work related documents, tweets, and lists

this record is brief, but (except for the last item) it illustrates a new commitment to writing.

i have other plans for 2012, plans associated with writing. i just finished a blog post which will eventually be published here. i have a writing retreat coming up (san franciscans take notice). and i am in the process of writing reports and application essays (rest assured, fresno friends, these applications are not for other jobs). if you want to know more, though, you'll have to follow me here. i'll let you know when/if i have writing-related news.

lesson learned this year #1: what i have to say sounds smarter when it's single spaced.