A week or so ago, my friend Samina's mother, Suraiya, made dinner for us one night. Suraiya lives in Pakistan, but is in the U.S. for a few months visiting, something she does periodically. I've really grown to love Suraiya who is generous, kind, and loving. She also has interesting stories to tell about the work she does in Pakistan and about her own "wild woman" past.

Although Suraiya warned me that she wasn't a good cook, I learned that wasn't true. The meal she made was so delicious! The main dish was boiled eggs that had been fried afterwards, potatoes, and (I think) some kind of curry. It was so flavorful and interesting. She also made a lovely yellow rice with parsley on top. It served as a mild accompaniment to the egg dish. In addition to making raita, Suraiya also made a lovely tomato, onion, and parsley salad. Everything was so tasty.

Here's my plate of food . . . well, at least the first helping.

After dinner, Suraiya, Samina, and I sat in the backyard talking. I'd never really heard Suraiya's life story, so I asked her to share. I loved hearing about how she was willing to forge new and very personal ways of living her life. She's had so many interesting experiences and is a woman that I admire and love. It's so easy to see how Samina became the wonderful woman she is.