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Usually at the end of the year, I blog about my reading life. Last year, my friend John challenged me to read 50 books during 2013, and I accepted his challenge. Now, normally, I'm not a goal setter, and when I do set New Years resolutions, it's rare that I see them through. For some reason, this challenge stuck. Probably in part because it had a social aspect, but also because I felt it was doable. I was staying more or less on track until September.

What happened in September, you may be thinking? Well, I had to create a binder documenting all my work for the last 8-9 years in order to apply to become a full professor. Basically, that binder took over my life (and my home!) for both September and October--I had piles of papers everywhere and spent a lot of time writing about how wonderful I am. 😉 My reading took a back seat, and I only managed to complete one book during each of those months.

Once I handed the binder in, I tried to catch up. I thought I was going to be forced to count picture books on my reading list . . . but I went on a reading frenzy during December and completed 10 books! I ended up reading 52 "real" books in 2013. I did choose which books to read by length and, now that I've completed that goal, my new goal is . . . to NEVER set a reading goal again. I'm excited to read longer and more complex books this coming year.

Here's a list of my ten favorite books from my 2013 reading list (in the order that I read them).

  1. Deborah Heiligman, Charles and Emma: The Darwins’ Leap of Faith.
  2. Matt De La Pena, Mexican White Boy.
  3. John Green, The Fault in Our Stars.
  4. Meg Wolitzer, The Interestings.
  5. Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam.
  6. Sherman Alexie, Reservation Blues.
  7. Tom Perotta, The Abstinence Teacher.
  8. Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor and Park.
  9. Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook.
  10. Elizabeth Strout, Amy and Isabelle.

You'll notice a lot of Young Adult literature on this list--I taught a YA lit class last spring, but it also helped me keep up on my reading since they are usually easier to read. Like I said, I'm eager to read more complex books in the coming year.

2 thoughts on “Reading 2013

  1. Irene

    Wow, Kathee, you are awesome! You make me feel so......what's the word? Illegitimate? Oh, ya, I mean illiterate:)
    Which one can I start on?

  2. admin

    Hey, Ji! I'd start with the John Green book, but be prepared to "ugly cry" (as one person on Twitter put it). It's both funny and really sad. I also think you'd like a book by Meg Wolitzer called The 10 Year Nap . . . Let me know what you think!


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