25 Years of Roving

Recently, I traveled to Norway to attend the American Studies Association of Norway annual conference. This year, the organization worked with Fulbright Norway to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Roving Scholar program, the program that took me to Norway during the 2008-2009 academic year. At the conference, I was able to meet and reconnect with a number of former Rovers. Although our presentations at the conference focused on our scholarly interests, between presentations and at meals, we told stories about our roving. We shared how many visits we'd made, which cities we'd visited, and what we had talked about with students. In some cases, almost 20 years separated our experiences as Rovers, yet we could still connect on some level.

Moreover, we talked about future collaborations--in fact, last week at a conference I attend every year, I had dinner with one Rover, Laura Turchi and her husband Peter (and my wonderful friend Debbie--who merits her own entry--joined us, too) and we talked about organizing a panel for next year's National Council of Teachers of English conference.

There are many things I appreciate about my experience as a Fulbright scholar, but I didn't anticipate how, three and a half years later, this experience would continue to bring intelligent and thoughtful people into my life.

Watch the video I've linked above and help spread the word about Norway's Roving Scholar program.

One thought on “25 Years of Roving

  1. Delaine Zody

    It was great to hear all the comments, especially yours, Kathee. My students were so thrilled with your reports to them about how you used their work and then making their own connection with the Norwegian students. Not only did Norwegian students benefit from your "roving," but so did the students at Fresno High when you came "home." Thanks for the experience.


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