Pickled Veggies in Kerr Jars

I'm not exactly sure why, but I have a crush on the small Kerr jars used for canning (the cursive writing on the side, the diminutive size, the satisfying seal of the lids?). It all started when I bought some quince jam at the Farmer's Market. I loved the Kerr jar it came in which, once empty, was perfect for homemade vinaigrettes.

Recently, I lost the jar. I thought I'd just go get some more jam, but then I saw a recipe for pickled veggies that I couldn't get out of my head. I couldn't help it, I had to buy a box of the Kerr bottles--and, last weekend, I sliced beets, carrots, and jalepenos and brined them.

I now have a crush on the beautiful colors in these jars. And tonight for my SJVWP meeting, I served spring greens with goat cheese as a side salad--and allowed my guests to add whichever veggies they wanted. Esther and Karen were ideal diners, since they both come from cultures (Dutch and Swedish) that value the pickled veggie.

I sent them home with a bottle of pickled beets, even though Esther confessed that I'd left my original jar at her house.

Pickled Veggies (adapted from Sunset magazine)

3 c. white vinegar

1 1/2 c. rice vinegar

1 c. plus 2 T. sugar

3 beets

6 jalapenos

2 carrots

Whisk vinegars, sugar, and salt in a bowl with 3 c. water until sugar dissolves. Slice vegetables into very thin slices. Put the veggies in jars, gently tamping them down and cover with brine. Chill, covered, at least one day.

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