Film Review, Kind of

Spoiler Alert: Do not read further if you actually want to the see the irritating Black Swan.

I've been thinking today about autobiographical screenplays I could write. I started with the title Middle Aged Geek a narrative chronicling my movement from technological ignorance (think Natalie Portman as simpering, foolish White Swan) to competency (powerful Black Swan-like performance which, I hope, will not lead to an early demise). Or maybe I should write Cyberstalker, a noir thriller in which I'd gradually go crazy (yes, think Black Swan again) because of my paralyzing devotion to google. Or how about Intellectual Dilettante, a mannered, pretentious film (you know, like Black Swan) in which Natalie Portman (playing me) would submerge herself in a long, long string of ever changing academic pursuits punctuated by one scene in which she lets loose and actually lives life.

I have no point in this post, although I have to admit that Black Swan did give me a lot to think about--and I really did love that amazing Black Swan scene . . . I need a scene like that in my screenplay, Emerging from Seclusion, the story of how I re-integrated back into life after secluding myself because of a crushing disappointment.

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