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Tonight, my friends Alex, Kyle, and I wanted to grab a bite to eat. I had checked my twitter feed earlier and learned that Dusty Buns, a traveling taco truck, was going to be in the Tower District tonight. A couple of months ago, I had read Joan Obra's column about Dusty Buns, but what can I say? I'm slow in getting things done--before tonight, I'd never visited the truck.

When we arrived, there was a long line. Our friends and fellow CSUF faculty Melissa and Michelle were there . . . and later on Randa, Russell, and Angelo showed up as well. While we were waiting, we made a recording to memorialize our (my?) excitement:

We ordered food, waited some more chatting with other people in line--and when our food was delivered, we hightailed it to my house in order to eat it while it was still hot.

I had "le grilled cheese"--Angelo warned me that I had to use "le" because "they" would punch me if I said I wanted "the grilled cheese." I ordered as Angelo instructed and wasn't punched. Thanks, A, for the tip! My sandwich isn't much to look at in this photo, but, oh, it was good. Bravo Farms aged cheddar, country-style bacon, an heirloom tomato slice, organic greens, and herb mayo.

Kyle had the Veg Out, a sloppy joe style sandwich made with squash, eggplant, olive tapenade, and parmesan cheese. Alex had one of the specials for the night: steak tacos with heirloom salsa. They both loved their food. We ordered one side of potato salad (with more bacon) and two Tasty Cakes (basically, pecan blondies) as well. Both were fantastic and not very expensive. Alex's food was the most photogenic of the evening, so here's a picture:

Our first visit to Dusty Buns was a huge success. As we devoured our food tonight, we wondered why Fresno, a city located in the heart of one of the richest agricultural areas in the nation, didn't have more restaurants that served only organic, local ingredients. It's really pathetic that the restaurants Fresnans get excited about are national chains like Tahoe Joes and P.F. Changs. The food prepared by Dusty Buns is so delicious--it's clear that it's not made somewhere else, frozen, and then shipped across the country. Dusty Buns Bistro is my new favorite Fresno restaurant, er, I mean taco truck.

Dusty Buns Bistro
locations change, check their twitter feed

One thought on “Le Taco Truck

  1. dkzody

    Fresno is not taco truck friendly, though. Dustybins had some trouble getting a permit and can only be in certain places for 15 minutes at a time. How stupid is that?

    Now, here in SF, these trucks are everywhere, and SF gives out the permits without a lot of grief. We have one that comes to the cul de sac below our window on Mondays and Wednesdays. She calls herself the 51st State and serves regional cuisine, using seasonal produce. Very tasty.


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