I frequently have short-lived obsessions with particular dishes. One of my more long-lived obsessions is with guacamole. I love the recipe that I learned from a former boyfriend--and right now I also love the guacamole sold at Fresh & Easy. But this blog entry is not going to be about guacamole . . . although the version served at America's Taco Shop is exactly the kind I love: chunky with small pieces of tomato and lots of garlic.

Rather, this blog is going to be about my love for corn on the cob. I love this time of year when fresh, sweet corn is sold at roadside stands and farmer's markets. A few weeks ago, I stopped at the Fresno State market to buy some corn. It's so delicious with just butter, salt, and pepper. At America's, they serve a much less healthy but quite divine version of corn on the cob; it's coated with a fine layer of mayo, rolled in cotija and served with lime and chile sauce. Wow! My obsession now will be to try to figure out how to make this . . . or to find a restaurant that serves it in Fresno.

America's also serves quite tasty tacos. I had two with carne asada that were quite yummy.

But, oh that corn. I wish I had a piece to eat for lunch right now.

America's Taco Shop
4447 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Tlf. 602-515-0856

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