Bar Food?

Somehow over the last year, my friends and I have ended up dining frequently at a trio of Fresno bars: Sequoia, the Red Wave, and Livingstone's. I've even developed favorites at each place: the sliders at Sequoia, the great tacos at the Red Wave, and the pizza served at happy hour at Livingstone's.

On my recent trip to Phoenix, my friend Jamie suggested that we meet her at Carly's Bistro, a bar/restaurant in central Phoenix. I only wish that the food served at the places I frequent in Fresno would serve food this good.

When I looked at the menu, one sandwich jumped out at me, the pear, brie, prosciutto panini. Since neither Jamie nor I were terribly hungry, we decided to split the sandwich and salad combo with the beet salad as our choice. Although this meant that we each only got a quarter of a sandwich and a quarter of a serving of salad, the meal was still quite satisfying.

If I lived in Phoenix, I'd make my friends adopt Carly's as their second home.

Carly's Bistro
128 E. Roosevelt St. - Phoenix


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