Getting Your Grill On

So many weeks ago I barely remember it, I went to lunch at the Daily Grill. I may or may not have been there before--Alex and Kyle raved about it when they first moved here, but I can't remember if I ever went. Anyway, I went twice in a week about a month (?) ago.

The first time, my friend Izzy and I had lunch there. I had the grilled vegetable plate and he had the cheeseburger (as he always does). My veggies were great--although later on at the baseball game, I needed a hot dog to balance out the universe.

Then, a few days later, I took my friend Toni there for her birthday. Toni had been gone for several weeks, so it was also an opportunity to get caught up. I had the trout almondine which was scrumptious.

Toni had the chicken marsala which she very much enjoyed.

I like the Daily Grill's atmosphere with its swanky booths, dark wood, and stark white table cloths. I also like that it serves classic dishes done to perfection. I don't like that it's a chain--but it's just a mini-chain, only 22 locations in the U.S.

Daily Grill
7855 N. Palm Ave.
Fresno, CA

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