Another Classic Dish

Recently, Marisela Norte was in town to do a reading at Fresno State. Alex had a party for her the night before the reading--but I wasn't able to attend since I taught late that night. The next day, however, after I was done with a student teacher observation, I met Alex, Kyle, and Marisela for lunch at the Chicken Pie Shop.

The Chicken Pie Shop is Fresno to me. I think it was one of the first restaurants I ever ate at in Fresno, and there's something about the place that is incredibly appealing. I'm not sure that the decor has ever been changed--so it's easy to feel like you've stepped back about 60 years when you walk in. There's a lunch counter and cooking area on the left . . . and tables with green vinyl benches on the right. Hanging on the walls are big metal chickens, just in case you're not sure what the specialty is by the name of the place.

I hadn't been to Chicken Pie for years . . . so I was really glad to have an excuse to go back. And Marisela, who is both poet and artist, loved the interior so much that she took pictures of the green vinyl which matched the sweater I was wearing that day.

I ate the BLT for lunch--and it was quite satisfying. Once I was done with the sandwich, I dumped the salad on my plate so that I could pour the ranch dressing on top of the iceberg lettuce. Yes, that's the kind of place that the Chicken Pie Shop is.

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