Dinner Out

I'm finally well enough to get out of the house a little. And last night, I even ate dinner at a new-to-me restaurant! My friend Scott and I decided to eat at Limon, a Peruvian restaurant in north Fresno. It was quite crowded when we arrived, but there were comfortable leather banquettes to sit on while we waited--and we ended up getting seated pretty quickly.

We started off with appetizers. I wanted a salad, so I ordered the house without even asking what was in it. It ended up being a wedge salad, which I always love: a wedge of iceberg lettuce, bacon, eggs, fresh cheese, onions and choclo served with a Peruvian ranch dressing. These kinds of salads are totally comfort food to me. Scott really loves barbecue so he ordered the costillas a la barbacoa, ribs with aji amarillo and sesame seeds. The ribs were good, but not great (in my opinion). I like the meat on my ribs to be a little, well, meatier. This rib meat was a little too soft and fatty. Still, the sauce had a nice kick, spicy enough to be present without being overwhelming. And I loved that the restaurant provided moist towels to use when we were done with the ribs. Both of the appetizers had a really nice presentation, as I hope my dark picture above evoked.

For dinner, I ordered the pollo latino, basically fried chicken served on dijon/truffle infused macaroni and cheese (above). The chicken was crisp, and the mac and cheese had just the right amount of truffle oil. I liked that the meal included some broccoli, too. Scott had the special, pan fried salmon on spaghetti squash (below). His dish tasted like . . . well, a piece of salmon with a crunchy bottom layer.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal. I'd like to go back and try some of the other dishes. I've only liked ceviche once, so I'd like to try Limon's version. I'd also like to try something with a chimichurri sauce.

Limón Peruvian Cuisine
7735 N. Blackstone Ave.
Fresno, CA 93720


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