Dogs and Cats

I haven't been to Dog House Grill for a very long time, even though it's located right across the street from my corner of campus. Today I met my friend Izzy for lunch at, well, Jasmine Gardens (see, Izzy, I mentioned you in my blog). But before I even sat down, we decided to leave and go to Dog House Grill. The Jasmine Gardens workers looked very confused . . . but the restaurant was busy and, I don't know, we were just in the mood for the noise of a sports bar instead of overheard live conversations???? Yeah, that's right, that's my story.

Anyway, we walked down to Dog House Grill which is a very Fresno kind of restaurant: lots of meat, big portions, and television screens all over. Thinking of the pulled pork sandwich I had at Dinic's in Philadelphia, I ordered Dog House Grill's version . . . but I neglected to notice that they served it with barbecue sauce. This didn't necessarily mean disaster, except that the sauce wasn't even close to being subtle . . . it was heavy and sweet and overpowering. The sandwich was also huge--I only ate half . . . and I allowed at least a third of the meat on that half to drop out onto the tray. My favorite bite was a really large chunk of pork that didn't have so much barbecue sauce.

Izzy, on the other hand, ordered his favorite, a beef taco--which looked good. Yeah, I totally had food envy.

We also shared a basket of french fries . . . I very rarely have anything bad to say about fries. In fact, maybe I should change my food blog to be a french fry blog. I think I could become a connoisseur of fries. I'd like that. Dog House Grill's fries were of the thin and somewhat crisp variety. Izzy dipped his in barbecue sauce . . . I dipped mine in ketchup.

Over the next few months, I hope to feature more Fresno restaurants on my blog. I'm looking for friends to accompany me as I eat my way through restaurants in the Tower area. I'm going to map some boundaries and review every restaurant within that area--except anything that is a part of a national chain.

Before that begins, though, I'm off to eat my way through Guadalajara and Oaxaca.

Oh, and Izzy . . . my cat was waiting for me when I got home. I have a cat. It's mine. It's no longer a stray. Here's a picture.

Dog House Grill
2789 East Shaw Avenue
Fresno, CA 93710-8205
(559) 294-9920

4 thoughts on “Dogs and Cats

  1. captwhiffle

    Yeah, the Dog House is one of those places I sometimes get a hankering for, too, and I often get that pork sandwich, because I love pork. But you are right about the sauce: it's too sweet. I'd prefer a little more chili and vinegar and a lot less ketchup and brown sugar in it. The salmon sandwich isn't bad, though, and the fries are fine, but if I had my druthers, I would opt for no orange powder on my fries. Grease + potatoes + salt = just fine--and sometimes heaven--in my book.

    Oh, and cute cat, but DO NOT EAT IT, OKAY???

    Yours truly,

  2. Lori

    Oh...ME! ME! Choose me to go to some of those Tower restaurants. You know I rarely/never eat out but it would be fun to try a new restaurant now and then. Movies & restaurants are things I rarely do but wish I included in my budget.

    Hope Mexico is wonderful!! Annie is looking sassy & happy.


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