Online Professional Learning Communities

Over the last month, I've seen such amazing opportunities for online professional learning communities (PLCs). I spend so much time on my computer, but there are so many things posted on the internet that I don't know about . . . including information directly related to my academic interests. I love the concept behind Diigo, a social bookmarking site that allows people to share what they're reading, to highlight and annotate websites, and to share their annotations with others (both within and outside of their groups). Recently I set up a Diigo group: Teaching English in Central California. I sent out a couple of invitations, but so far I'm the only member of the group. I'd really like to get this going. Please either join my group or send me suggestions about how I can get others to see the possibilities of such a group.

Here's an example of what Diigo can do. I've taken a screen shot of an article I read, highlighted, and annotated. Readers can read what I said and reply to it . . . multiple times. So Diigo allows a group of people to have conversations, to question, to express excitement, to argue about what they read on the internet.

I've used delicious in the past as a way of accessing my bookmarks from any computer, but Diigo can be an online repository for your bookmarks AND it has these capabilities, too. It also allowed me to import my bookmarks from delicious so that I still have all the information that I used to keep there.

I know, I'm a total geek. But I love Diigo.

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