I Fall Hard and Fast

I did it. Yesterday, fate brought some unexpected money into my life (I love fate), so last night, I ordered a Kindle, Amazon's book reader. Today I had things to do, but as soon as I could, I ran home to see if it had arrived. It had. An hour ago, I opened up the Amazon box and saw this.


I fell in love with the box.

Then I opened it and took this out.


You may need something to compare it with, so here is the Kindle next to a regular size book.


It's tiny. It's light. It's cute (can I call a piece of technology "cute"?).

I've already charged it up (fast!) and loaded three books on it (very, very fast).

I haven't really read much on it yet--except the first part of the directions. So far, it seems really easy to use. It's actually lighter than most books I read, and I think it will be easy on my eyes. The device will also allow me to annotate text with its tiny keyboard.

So far, I'm really happy with this decision. I'll keep you posted.

One thought on “I Fall Hard and Fast

  1. captwhiffle

    I'm dying to know what you think of the Kindle! I've been eyeing that for a while, but as I just bought an iPhone, I think it will be some months--or longer--before I get a Kindle.


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