That Holiday Feeling

When I was young, one of my family's favorite Christmas albums came with our new RCA stereo, a compilation of 70s stars like Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere and the Raiders) and Andy Williams singing various Christmas tunes. To this day, my brothers and I frequently talk about our favorite song on the album, "That Holiday Feeling" by Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. Two things we love about this song are the corny lyrics and flirty inflections that Steve and Eydie give to them.

That Holiday Feeling

Words and Music by Bill Jacob and Patty Jacob

Look how the snow is snowing

Your eyes are soft and glowing

Jack Frost is nipping at our feet

I'll bet your lips are warm and sweet

We've got that holiday feeling

That happy holiday feeling

Let's roast chestnuts by the fire

Any little thing you desire

Those reindeer soon will be here

Won't mean a thing to me dear

When Santa Claus begins his flight

I hope he gets a flat tonight

We've got that holiday feeling

That happy holiday feeling

Our favorite holiday of the year

You'd better leave

It's been so lovely like this

A chance I'd never miss

But it's so late

On New Years Eve

At twelve o'clock we'll stop to kiss

And while the whole world will be whistle blowing

We will still be mistletoe-ing

You think you're such a smarty

Come on let's have a party

I know what's running through your mind

This is the season to be kind

We've got that holiday feeling

That happy holiday feeling

So come and snuggle close to me

Right here where you're supposed to be

Let's kiss, 'cause it's the season, dear

Let's kiss, who needs a reason, dear

We've got that holiday feeling now

It seems an unusual song now for a family of sheltered kids to love--but the lines we continue to quote are "You think you're such a smarty, come on let's have a party." Those innocent lyrics still amuse us to no end. Even better is the lounge act sound that Steve and Eydie's version embodies. They take turns singing different lines so that it seems they are engaged in conversation. And there's a teasing sound to their tone that creates an intimate and affectionate expression.

This song will always be part of my holiday celebrations. It reminds me of childhood and laughter and love. So to my brothers and parents . . . I hope you are enjoying this holiday season and that all you smarties will have great parties.

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