I’m a Blogging Fiend

After months of reading food blogs, I’ve decided to start my own: Cakeypal’s Savory Morsels. I’ve really enjoyed looking at delicious looking food and reading about others’ adventures in eating out and cooking in. Most of the web sites I’ve been hooked on have focused on healthy food—and they’ve inspired me to cook more, visit farmer’s markets, and otherwise try to make better choices about what I eat. I hope that as I learn the craft of food blogging, I’ll be able to create some memorable, interesting, or at the very least entertaining posts. I’ll still continue posting to the Icing about life and teaching, but, if you want to read about food, check out Savory Morsels.

One thought on “I’m a Blogging Fiend

  1. shoushan

    I do still read your blogs and I am excited about your "food edition!" This may be random, but recently I saw a movie called "Perfume." You may want to check it out. I heard it was also a book so I found it on Amazon and ordered it. Curious to see what you think.


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