The Best Hair Stylist in the World

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For the last few years, I've been getting my hair cut by Cynthia at KAOS. In fact, she was the person I trusted enough to cut my hair short. The first time I went in, she took the time to look at my hair closely, to examine where i had cowlicks and other oddities that make my hair unique. Since then, she's guided me through a number of hairstyles, including the longer hair that I have now.

Aside from the fact that she always gives me a great haircut, she's also really fun to talk with. Cynthia LOVES Debbie Harry and Blondie. She's a fan with capital letters. When they tour California, she goes to every concert. She brings the band gifts. She takes pictures which she proudly displays in her shop. She even campaigned to get the band a star in Hollywood. And when they finally did get honored, Cynthia was there videoing the event. If you look closely at this picture, you'll see that her tattoo is Debbie Harry's signature. Cynthia has great stories to tell about Blondie concerts (and concerts by Charo, Celine Dion, and others).

Cynthia and I also talk about politics, astrology, movies, love, families, and music. I generally leave with not only a good haircut but something to think about. She's a bit of a cynic about politics, more so even than I am. She is concerned with spirituality and relationships and has great insight into both. Once I was dating a good guy . . . but I realized one day while getting my haircut that I had better conversations with Cynthia than I did with he who shall remain nameless. The result: I'm still "seeing" Cynthia, but "he" is no longer in my life.

Going to get my hair cut is like going to hang out with one of my friends. We laugh, we talk, we philosophize. Cynthia rocks!

One thought on “The Best Hair Stylist in the World

  1. cynthia

    I think of you often sweetie. I enjoy the blog. This was a suprise. I forgot about the picture. I have a new Grandbaby
    " Austin Cole the third" actually there is no Austin Cole 1 or 2 I just think it sound great.He was born Nov. 19th.
    I read the Candle...
    Hope you have a nice restful evening. I will be checking back. Peace and we have a Better President! YAY! Love ya,


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