My favorite recurring dream involves a house, usually mine, in which I find rooms (or, less frequently, closets) that I forgot were there. I wander around the house, surprised by the vaguely familiar but unanticipated extra space. Sometimes the rooms are accessible through a forgotten door, sometimes they are in a wing of the house that I've been too busy to access. Usually the rooms are large, roomy, expansive. But they are also filled with "stuff" that belonged to a previous owner of the house. In my dream, I'm excited to have extra space in my house . . . and I look forward to sifting through the detritus that I've inherited: furniture, clothes, books. Usually the decor is old fashioned and cluttered--so I eagerly anticipate not only recovering the space but renovating it.

I interpret this dream as being about undiscovered (or forgotten) personal qualities or interests just waiting to be developed. To me, it seems to be a dream about possibilities, the ways that I can use what's useful and throw out what isn't . . . the ways that I can change and become something new. I'm always really happy when I awake from this dream; it lingers for a number of hours and gives me a sense of well being.

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