Loose Ends Redux

Yesterday, the Summer of Innuendos came to an end. Our Summer Institute's deep inquiry into writing instruction yielded language play and an awareness of how sexy the English language can be. Although Brian joked yesterday about how completing the puzzle seemed more urgent than learning new ways of teaching writing, I'm sure that most of our SII fellows left with new ideas that will influence their pedagogy. And I'm glad that we also had a lot of fun along the way.

As I reflect on our month together, I'm struck by what a collegial group this was. I felt like everyone took the time to get to know each other--and it seemed to me like everyone got along well. I also felt like real friendships were formed--and I hope that many of you (if you're reading this) will stay in touch with each other. I know I'm so grateful for my friends from last year (Esther, Mike, Mary, Kathy, Barbara, and the spouses and children that I've met through them)--I'm glad that even though a year has elapsed we still support each other as teachers in addition to being friends. I hope the 2008 fellows will keep in touch like we have.

I also hope that the 2008 fellows will try new teaching strategies this year--and that you will see your students' enjoyment of and expertise in writing increase this academic year. I look forward to our meeting in October. It will be great to see you, but it will also be great to hear about what you are trying out in your classes--what's been effective and what hasn't worked so well. I also hope that you will have success as you piggy back off of what we've learned this summer.

So whoo-ha! Zing-Zing! Get your squap on!

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