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If you read my earlier post "Thoughts on Blogging," you know that I've been rethinking my relationship with technology. Over the last few weeks, that new relationship has materialized in a number of ways. First, I now use an RSS Reader to keep up on my favorite blogs and news sites. If you're like me who had never heard this term until about a month ago, you need to know about RSS Readers, downloadable free software which does the mundane work of checking your favorite websites in one place. I'm beginning a new morning routine which includes checking my RSS Reader to see what's new. I started out using Bottom Feeder but have now switched to Feed Reader (more visually appealing than Bottom Feeder but prone to crash when I'm deleting entries if I'm not careful). If you have a number of websites you'd like to keep up with, I encourage you to try an RSS Reader.

In addition to Feed Reader, I'm also using, a great website that allows me to use my bookmarks from any computer. In addition, it allows me to bookmark websites for friends. has also been key in a newfound interest in You Tube. My favorite video is of Salvador Dali's guest appearance on "What's My Line." But I've also enjoyed watching liquid dancing and bad, bad, movie clips (Who's the master?).

The last two items on my list of new technologies? An iPod and a cell phone. I know, I know, I've complained about cell phones for years. But I've finally caved . . . and I have to admit they are rather convenient. Last week when I was traveling, it was nice to talk to my boyfriend and family while I was in airports. When my brother ran a little late, rather than wondering if he'd forgotten me, I could call to see where he and his family were. And when I hadn't talked to my boyfriend all day, it was nice to chat with him during a layover in Phoenix. I admit, though, that I need to make better decisions about what's polite and safe in my cell phone use. Now that the novelty is wearing off, I'm already doing that. And the iPod--well, it's just fun to have so much good music to listen to at home, in my car, or when I'm walking.

So . . . I guess I have to say that technology is, in fact, enriching my life. I've finally moved into the 21st Century and it's not a bad place to be.

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