Smoked Trout Spread . . .

This morning we walked to Village Bakery for, I don't know, the 15th time???? I love that place. Village Bakery uses organic, local ingredients. It's the kind of place that every town in an agricultural area should have. I've tried a lot of things on the menu--the egg and cheese sandwich, the breakfast pizza, the georgian cheese tarts, even soup and a hummus sandwich. Of everything I've tried, though, I think I love the toasted onion bialy with smoked trout spread the best. I wish I had a picture of it in all it yumminess. Village Bakery is my favorite place for breakfast in Athens.

One thought on “Smoked Trout Spread . . .

  1. John

    I clicked on the link to the Village Bakery's website, and I realize I have eaten there. We need a Village Bakery in Fresno.


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